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10 Things to Do for Ridiculously Cheap in Vietnam

1. EAT

Whether you are vegetarian or a straight up "foodie" (aren't we all foodies at heart though), there are plenty of restaurants in Hanoi that will leave you AND your wallet feeling full! Any of the local restaurants will be about 5 dollars for a full meal and a drink. One of my favorite places is called New Day in the Old Quarter. Their spring rolls are amazing and the place is always packed with people at all hours of the day because it is so good!

2. Drink Beer

-Drinking local beer is actually CHEAPER than drinking water in Vietnam. If you go to a convenient store, beer will be about 50 cents per can. If you go looking for Bia Hoi though, (there is a whole Bia Hoi street in the Old Quarter) you can drink beer for even cheaper...about 20 cents! Hanoi is a great place to not feel guilty about drinking beer with every meal. Why not when it is so incredibly cheap!

3. Get a Mani/Pedi

If you are in the Old Quarter, one of our favorite places to go is Halei, it's a clothing store on the bottom but if you keep going up the stairs there is a really cheap, AWESOME salon at the top. It costs about 10 dollars for a gel manicure AND pedicure (TREAT YO SELF). If you are in the Tay Ho area, there is a nail salon called Glow Nails that does gels for about 3 dollars each.

4. Get a Massage

OK I don't mean an airport massage like the picture shows...Even though those are nice too.

Whether you are in Vietnam or just somewhere in Asia, getting a real massage is NECESSARY before you leave. It is definitely an experience. There is a lady in Tay Ho who comes to our apartment and gives an hour and half long massages for about 13 dollars. UNREAL. If you are traveling through the Old Quarter though, there are a ton of places that offer massages. I suggest staying at and getting a massage at La Siesta Diamond Hotel (32 Lo Su Street). The staff at this hotel is absolutely incredible and they offer an incredible massage for about 25 dollars.

5. Rent a Motorbike

Renting cars in the US can really add up when you are vacationing, but that is not the case in Vietnam. Renting a motorbike can be as cheap as 10 dollars a day. I actually rent my bike in Tay Ho for only $20 a month! Sometimes it is better to pay a little more for a quality bike though. The streets are crazy enough without having to worry about whether or not your bike is going to break down!

6. Buy Really Cool Gym Shoes

There’s a street in the old quarter called Hang Dau Street which has shop after shop after shop of JUST shoes. It is both overwhelming and absolutely incredible at the same time. Nikes, Adidas, Yeezys, Converse.... Anything type of shoes that you want, you can get for around 20 dollars. The only problem is figuring out how to pack them on the way back home....

7. Buy Workout Clothes

Say goodbye to 100 dollar yoga pants from Lulu Lmon and hello to 4 dollar Adidas leggings from Vietnam. Vietnam is DEFINITELY one of the cheapest place to buy workout clothes around the world. You cannot beat the price at local markets. If you want a little nicer quality, try looking at a shopping mall as well. They might be an extra few dollars, but it is sometimes worth it!

8. Buy Luggage or a Backpack

My only regret in Vietnam so far is that I have YET to buy luggage here. For a nice, large rolling suitcase, you can pay as little as 20 dollars in Vietnam. I have managed to buy 3 backpacks so far in Vietnam though. My NorthFace backpack is one of my favorite purchases so far. The quality is absolutely amazing and I bought it at a market for only 10 dollars!

9. Ubering

Don't want to drive to some place that is 30 minutes away? Don't worry because an Uber Motorbike will cost you under 5 dollars for this long drive. Most of my Uber's here are 10-15 minute drives and they cost me under a dollar. You can truly "Uber anywhere" when it comes to Vietnam.

10. Get Clothes Made

Although Hoi An is known for it's tailors and people coming from around the world to get clothes designed, you can still get clothes made for super cheap in Hanoi. If you are in the Old Quarter, ask a local where silk street is and you will be able to get clothes made and fit exactly to you in just a few days time!