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5 Reasons to Love Guided MissDirection

1. We personally create and accompany each and every one of our tours!

Something unique about Guided MissDirection is that we have created your new adventures out of OUR own adventures. Our goal is to make traveling to a different country as authentic as possible. Sarah and I extensively travel in each area we tour and find the best local spots and meet some of the most amazing people. We join you on each excursion, personally take you to our favorite places, and of course introduce you to our close local friends. I guarantee that you will not only come home with new memories, ideas, and pictures, but you will also come home with new friends from around the world. Something that always makes me so happy is seeing my Vietnamese friends become friends with the women on our tours and then continuing to stay connected with one another through social platforms like Facebook.

2. Local, local, local, locals

One of my favorite parts about Guided MissDirection is the women we have on our team. Our goal is to promote local women who have broken into the tourist industry in their communities. While Sarah and I always personally accompany our tours and answer any questions our travelers may have, we always try to defer any questions to our local guides. Sarah and I prepare a short history summary for each place we visit, but we cannot give our clients the perspective of what it is like to grow up in the areas we visit, nor is it our place. My and Sarah’s job is to facilitate and make you feel comfortable, worry-free, and always taken care of. Our female guides are there to give their perspective and introduce you to their culture. Our incredible expert guides have amazing stories to share, and they will leave you feeling like you have a good understanding of what local life is like. If you are curious to know something, they are more than happy to share with you about their upbringing, their religion, dating norms, daily life, etc. Know that on every front, our team makes you feel safe, stress-free, and extremely well-informed on local life!

3. You’ll always try something new

On our tours, you’ll always get to try something new. Ever ridden amongst thousands of scooters on the streets of Hanoi? Our Vietnam tour will have you scooting through the city with a personal guide for an afternoon. Ever snorkeled with sea turtles? Our Sri Lankan guide will hold your hand if you’re scared and swim with you to find magnificent sea turtles near shore. Ever tried surfing? I will take you to the perfect baby waves to learn to ride a longboard! Don’t worry, all you have to do is lay on the board and I’ll help you catch your first wave! Ever seen a blue whale? Our local guides know exactly how to spot them and will take you to see the world’s biggest animal.

Food lovers, you're in luck! Ever tried authentic Vietnamese pho? Ever had the most amazing Vietnamese coffee? Ever tried freshly made Sri Lankan curry? You’re sure to try so many delicious new foods and drinks on our tours as well. Beware; many of our past travelers have withdrawals from the amazing coffee in Vietnam. I am required to bring bags of it back with me every time I return home to see my family.

4. Our accommodations are AMAZING

Whether you are going on a Guided MissDirection Tour or one of our new AdvenTours, the hotels we have picked for you will not disappoint. On our Guided MissDirection tours, our hotels are all 4-5-star. Our first hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, The Myst Dong Khoi, is something of a dream. With a rooftop pool/bar, outside bathtubs in each room, daily afternoon tea and snacks, and beautiful décor, it is by far one of my favorite hotels ever. On our AdvenTours, we stay at amazing hotels and hostels as well, such as Bunkyard Hostel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Bunkyard has been rated a 5-star hostel. The owners and manager have become good friends, as they are some of the nicest people we have met while traveling! Ire, who you will meet if you are coming on a Sri Lanka tour, is the manager at Bunkyard, and she is our girl! Besides the amazing staff, Bunkyard is simply beautiful. Bunkyard is decorated with all “locally sourced and up-cycled materials!” I know you will love it as much as we do. The cook at Bunkyard, Samanthi, will become your Sri Lanka auntie, and she will teach you to make local dishes one night during your stay!

5. Come as a traveler, leave as a friend

Something that I think is important about traveling is to go from tourist to friend. We aim to give our clients an experience that would allow them to return to that country on their own someday. We want you to feel like you have immersed in the culture and know enough people that you could easily return and feel comfortable! It can seem like a scary feat to travel across the globe, but once you arrive, we ensure you feel like you have met a little community. Our team truly cares, and that is a part of what makes us so unique.

I hope this has helped give you a better understanding of some of the amazing and special parts of Guided MissDirection. We can’t wait to have you on a tour!

Happy Travels!

- Danie

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