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Best Apps to Download Before Traveling

10 Best Apps to Have While Traveling

1. WhatsApp (DUH)

Truly have no idea what I would do without whatsapp. Definitely the easiest way to keep in touch with people from around the world AND from back home. Just remember to add the + in front of the number or it often doesn’t work

2. Facebook Messenger App

A lot of the times, because you have to type your number in perfectly in WhatsApp for it to work, it’s just easier to add people you meet on facebook and communicate with them via the messenger app.

3. Maps.Me

Although this map doesn’t have EVERY landmark on it, it’s really nice to have in case of an emergency because the map works even when you’re not on WIFI - giving you a way to know where you are regardless of your circumstance. Make sure you download the map before you depart while you are still on WIFI and then you'll be good to go!

4. Google Maps

If you need to find a specific location, I suggest having Google Maps downloaded as well. Especially in Vietnam with all the back alleys, it is nice to have a map that can pinpoint the exact location of an address.

5. Uber

Uber makes traveling SO much easier. With Uber, navagating your way from the airport to your first hotel is a lot less of a nightmare than usual. In a lot of places, airport taxi schemes are very common so being able to connect to wifi and call and uber is the a fantastic alternative.

6. The local version of Uber

It depends on which country you’re in, but most countries have an app that is very similar to uber but often times quicker and even cheaper. In Vietnam, this app is called Grab. In Sri Lanka, it is called PickMe. Asking a local if there is an app like this once you get into the country is a great idea if you are looking for transportation!

7. Basic currency converter

There are many currency converters that are all basically the same app. I use the yellow app shown below. It is very simple to use!

8. Google Translator

I don’t use this app much, but it is nice to have if you are in a place with a huge language gap. Way easier than trying to play charades with the person you’re talking to.

9. Spotify

It’s worth the money, people. Traveling without music is the WORST.

10. Pocket

Pocket will let you download articles and read them later when you are off wifi. It is really nice for long journeys if you don't have a book or a kindle with you throughout your travels.