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Finding Cheap Flights 101

After just yesterday buying my 7th flight back to Asia, I FINALLY feel like I figured out the secret to buying flights. And it’s not waiting until Tuesday and then searching “cheapest flights to ___” into google (I kid you not I used to do that).

And as much as it sucks to hear, there’s honestly no big secret for buying flights. It just takes time and patience - which around the holidays, are the two very difficult things to have.

Even during everyday life buying a plane ticket can be stressful so regardless of when you’re buying your next plane ticket - here are a few tricks to give you some organization to the madness.

1. Always start on Momondo

After months of looking for flights for both myself and others, I am confident when I tell you that almost always has the best deals for both international and domestic flights. I search here first and occasionally find myself ending my search here because of their amazing deals!

Momondo prides itself on analyzing over 100 million fares to bring you up-to-date routes and prices on flights that you most likely will not find anywhere else.

For every $400 flight to Asia I find on every other website, I find at least one really AWESOME flight in the $300’s on Momondo. So I definitely advise to start your flight search here.

2. Switch to Google Flights after that.

As great as Momondo is at giving you the lowest possible prices on flights, sometimes the lowest price means a 50 hour long flights. Which…..even when I have all the time in the world to get somewhere, I would rather pay $100 extra dollars in a heartbeat to not spend over 12 hours sleeping on a chair in a random airport.

So when this happens, my next step is usually switching over to google flights. I’ve found that Google Flights always provides you with the best name-brand flights for honest rates. Even if I’m convinced I found a GREAT flight on momondo, I always search Google Flights as well just to make sure there isn’t something better that I’m missing.

3. Browse over other discount sites just to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

I never feel completely satisfied with myself if I only search two flight websites, so before I buy my final ticket, I always do one more search on and I have found a great selection of flights on these sites so I always at least open them before I make my final decision.

4. Check the flight you find on the actual airline company’s website.

I recently found a great deal with China Airlines on Momondo. So, I went to the China Airlines webpage and I found that it was even cheaper to book directly on their page (this saved me $50!). Sometimes sites like Momondo and Skyscanner have added fees, so always check with the actual airline. Moreover, it is always nice to book direct with an airline so you have control over exactly what you are getting.


Although it is rumored that Tuesday is the best day to buy flights, I haven’t really found that it has made a huge difference. I usually look up flights on momondo, google flights, kiwi, and skyscanner every day for a week or two before I buy my ticket. At some point, usually around 2-3 months before your departure, the cost of your flight will usually remain pretty constant. I usually buy my flights around this time. If you wait too close to departure, you’re running the risk of losing these good deals and the cost of your ticket to rise.

With these tricks and a little time and effort - I promise you that you can find an amazing flight to anywhere in the world this coming new year! Happy flight searching :)