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5 Ways to Stay in Shape While Traveling

Ways to Stay in Shape/Not Gain Weight When Traveling

If you are like me and find food a key to happiness/existence/love, then you know all too well the struggles of gaining weight when traveling. I have never grasped how the male travelers around me somehow all lose weight, and I’m over here packing on pounds. Well have no fear, there are ways to combat the dreaded weight gain that seems to always creep up when traveling. From my own experience, I have made this short list of ways to stay healthy and in shape while adventuring in new countries/areas!

1. Find a Local Gym for the Day

In most towns/areas you visit, there will almost always be some sort of local gym. If you don’t have early morning plans, wake up and hit the gym for a .5-1 hour workout. Most gyms sell day passes for fairly cheap. I love starting my day with a nice gym workout, and then all of those spring rolls don’t hurt so bad later on in the day… ☺ Better yet, if you can’t find a local gym, ask the locals how they work out and ask to join! Zumba? I’m in!

2. Walk to Your Destinations

If you are headed to sightsee, try to walk as much as possible, rather than taking a car/taxi. Moreover, find other creative ways to get where you are going, such as rent bicycles! Not only does this make your adventure all the more fun, but every step/peddle is another step closer to more spring rolls…

3. Know When to Treat Yo Self

While spring rolls and fried food are always delicious, try to not eat them for every meal. I like to try (key word) to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch, and then treat myself for dinner. A problem I often had when I first started traveling was treating myself all the time for every meal…because YOLO. But 20 pounds later, I realized I was saying YOLO and/or “treat yo self” way too often. So, I aim to eat healthy for most meals, and then treat myself to my local favorites for dinner. I also avoid drinking too much beer. While beer is often the cheapest drink to find, it is also high in calories. Everything in moderation.

4. Drink lots of Water

It is very easy to get dehydrated when traveling--Especially if you are in a hot climate, and especially when you cannot drink the tap. If I am traveling in a certain location for a number of days, then I will buy a large jug of water to hold me over and fill my water bottle up with it. I always try to have a glass of water before each meal—this way I stay hydrated, and it helps me to not overeat.

5. Don’t Worry

While I think it is important to stay fit and healthy when traveling, I don't let it consume my thoughts or control my day. Sometimes it is inevitable that you will gain a couple pounds while away…they key is to try your best. In the end, a couples pounds is worth the travel memories and experiences!...and spring rolls…☺

Happy Travels and Happy Eating!!!

- Danie