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What to Pack When Traveling to Southeast Asia

While I was packing for my three month trip to Southeast Asia, I really struggled with the concept of fitting 90 days worth of clothes and supplies into ONE backpack. I packed and repacked at least twenty times and still managed to forget a few things along the way... In order to prevent this from happening to you, here is the list of everything you might need and more. Even if your trip is only a few days rather than three months.


SHIRTS -2 t-shirts (sleeping)

-2 short sleeve v-necks -5 tank tops

-1 long sleeve (comes in handy, i swear) -1 light hoodie -1 rain jacket PANTS -2 pairs of high-waisted flowy shorts

-1 pair of comfy sleeping shorts

-2 pairs of athletic shorts -1 pair of linen pants -1 pair of high-waisted flowy pants (can buy there for cheap if you don't have any) -1 maxi skirt (for more conservative areas) -1 pair of yoga pants NICE CLOTHES -1 maxi dress -1 summer dress -1 light cartigan UNDER CLOTHES -1 regular bra -4 sport bras -7 pairs of underwear -3 pairs of socks -1 swimsuit (I wish I packed two but I really only needed one) SHOES -1 pair of hiking sandals (We suggest Chacos- if too expensive, check poshmark for deals) -1 pair of gym shoes -1 pair of flip flops (make sure they are COMFORTABLE) HATS -1 baseball hat (nice for days you decide to not wash your hair) HAIR -1 mini wet brush (Danielle brought a regular brush and uses my wet brush everyday...So just spend the 5 dollars and get one) -1 mini bottle of shampoo/conditioner (you can easily buy more shampoo/conditioner there if you run out) -3 hair ties

-1 headband FACE -contact solution -contact case -contacts -glasses -3 small make-up items (I wore mascara probably 5 times in one month) -tweezers -1 pack of face wipes (nice for after long walks/hikes)

-1 small face wash -1 toothbrush -1 mini toothpaste -floss -q-tips BODY -1 mini body wash -deodorant

-1 mini lotion (your skin will get dry from being in the hot sun all day) -feminine supplies HEALTH SUPPLIES [new blog on health coming soon :)] -1 pack of bandaids (especially for blisters)

-1 small role of medical tape (it's so hot usually the bandaids fall right off without this over them)

-neosporin (you cannot find this anywhere in Southeast Asia so don't forget this!! especially if you plan on renting a motorbike while here) -prescriptions -probiotics (these saved my life...I ate street food all the time and never got sick!) -ibuprofen -vitamins -1 small hand sanitizer -1 small pack of tissues (incase you end up at place without toilet paper which is totally plausible) -bug spray with DEET (the bug spray wipes are the most convenient - you can get them on amazon for pretty cheap) -sunblock (at least SPF 30) -face sunblock (stick sunblock works well for this)

-Zinka (if you plan on surfing)

-ALOE (as someone who is currently VERY burnt, you do not want to forget this!!!!) -Emergen-C (saved my life after the long flight) -allergy medication (benadryl) -NyQuil (to help with long flights and adjusting to the time change) IMPORTANT ITEMS -passport -2 copies of passport -state ID -insurance card -VISA acceptance form -credit cards -debit cards

-approximately 150 in cash (specific to wherever you're going) ****leave one copy of all your important documents at home as well


-fanny pack ( do you know how hard it is to steal a fanny pack?)

-a small backpack for day trips

-a small wallet -notebook -1 pen

-universal adapter -computer and charger (if you need it)

-camera/GoPro and charger -phone and charger -headphones -headphone adapter (iphone 7 only) -ear plugs -pillow case or plastic bag for dirty clothes

-extra plastic bags (for wet clothes or shoes) -playing cards -nail clippers

-a big lock (for hostels that don't have lockers that automatically lock)

-a mini lock (for locking up your backpack when necessary) -water bottle that filters water

-snacks for plane


Things I wish I hadn't packed....

-a small towel (you're given them for free at most hostels/hotels or you can rent a towel for cheap if that is not the case)

Things I wish I would have packed....

-an extra swimsuit (it is nice to have a dry swimsuit if you are going to the beach multiple days in a row)

-a Sarong (this is virtually like a really thin beach towel. It is very nice to have if you are planning on going to the beach and does not take up too much room in your backpack!)

Where to buy the things you need...

-always go to the dollar store first when packing for traveling. They have shampoo/conditioner, body wash, face wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, sunblock, Nyquil (generic), etc... for very cheap! Buying most of the things you need here could save you around 20 dollars.