Traveling with Guided MissDirection was the experience of a lifetime! They are extremely organized and knowledgeable, energetic and patient. There was not one second where I felt anything but 100% catered to, whether it was planning an unscheduled activity (Hanoi motor bike tour? No problem! Another massage? No problem!) or accommodating dietary restrictions (Vegetarian? No problem!) or finding an out-of-the-way dress shop, lacquerware store or any other obscure request. Their overall planning is exceptional. Every hotel was top-notch, every local guide was intelligent, interesting and well-spoken, every meal was outstanding.

I can’t pick a favorite moment of the trip because every single moment will live with me forever. Guided Miss Direction provided me with a trip I will never forget.

— Lauren, Point Pleasant, NJ


“What an experience. Danie and Sarah provided ten of the most exciting, thought-provoking, inspirational days of my life. They were organized, informative, thoughtful, and attentive, as were all of the local guides. Their exceptional planning allowed for complete immersion into the Vietnamese culture in just ten days! From exploring the mountainsides of Sapa and running through the city streets in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, to relaxing on the beach in Mui Ne and taking in the breathtaking views of Halong Bay, the itinerary was nothing short of incredible. Not to mention the comfortable accommodations, impeccable service, and outstanding meals! I loved every moment of the trip and made five intelligent, hilarious, kick-ass friends. Guided Miss Direction is an empowering example of how and why to travel.”

— Jacqueline, Wilmington, IL

A trip of a lifetime and a trip I never would have been able to plan myself.  Without you girls I NEVER would have had an experience like this.  Not to mention I would have never been able to find a group of friends who could go with me.  With this company I booked alone, and instead made a new group of friends! You made it easy.  From the hotels, to the food, to the down time in between plans, everything was extremely well planned and executed. I had never traveled overseas before, if it weren’t for Guided MissDirection I probably wouldn’t have for quite awhile.  Thank you!

— Jen Deluca, Wheaton, IL

“This was an amazing once in a lifetime trip for me! Vietnam has always been on my bucket list and Guided MissDirection made it a dream come true! This was not just a wonderful trip but a cultural experience! Guided MissDirection helped me taste, touch, see, and feel the culture that is Vietnam! Thank you, for making this trip such an amazing experience!”

— Elizabeth, Winfield, IL

My experience with Guided MissDirection was incredible.  I saw and experienced so much of the Vietnamese culture and landscape in eleven short days.  From the city experiences in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, to the beaches of Mui Ne, the beauty of  Halong Bay and finishing with the mountainside of Sapa, I was not disappointed.  Danielle and Sarah provide an excellent agenda full of travel adventures and amazing sight seeing coupled with beautiful accommodations and service.  If you are looking to get a taste of Vietnam with incredible guides, and a small intimate travel group, look no further than Guided MissDirection.

— Janet, Hinsdale, IL

This trip was phenomenal.  It was the right length of time so that you could fully experience  the land, people and culture. The trip combined the history of the country with experiencing the present.   What sets Guided MissDirection apart is that they hire local woman to lead tours.  One young lady took us to their grandmother’s village which was an amazing  experience.  Another local tour guide took us into her cousin’s home where a homemade meal was made. The local women were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and personable.  This trip included pampering as well.  Massages were provided as well as a trip to the beautiful warm ocean.  Another great thing was that most meals were provided.  Some were in the beautiful 5 star hotels and others were among the locals. Guided MissDirection ladies were always attuned to your needs.  If it was something they could do, they were definitely accommodating.  These ladies are organized, knowledgeable and to top it off very personable and full of life and personality.

I would highly recommend and encourage you to join these ladies for a trip of a lifetime.

— Maelynn, Woodland, CA

“This trip was truly one of a kind.  I have never thought of Vietnam as a place to explore and vacation until I discovered Guided Missdirection.  Sarah and Danielle show you the most beautiful and interesting spots while experiencing all they have to offer.  I think they nailed it by saying "living like locals by day while staying in five star hotels by night." It is a great balance that you wouldn't necessarily get if you were backpacking or planning your own trip.  Their knowledge of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people and culture are above and beyond.  Everyday I woke up so excited for what was next no matter what it was.  Our group found ourselves asking what was their favorite part so far and everyday it would be something new. I would recommend this trip for any woman that wants to travel while meeting other awesome and empowering women.

— Brooke, Arvada, CO