Women Supporting Women

At Guided MissDirection, international travel is more than just a typical vacation abroad. Our small-group tours provide you with local experiences by day and the comfort of Southeast Asia’s best hotels by night - making authentic adventure safe, easy, and always enlightening.


To ensure that our trips provide you with the best experiences, we personally lead our tours and introduce you to our favorite views, restaurants, and friends. On each of our tours, we hire the best local female guides to accompany and share their knowledge with us in each area we explore.Our teams of local female guides are often our close personal friends. Sometimes our guides started out as kind locals we met in our travels...and then became a part of our team, because they believe in our mission and want to share their culture with other women. A tour with Guided MissDirection means being surrounded with adventurous spirits who want to have fun, grow, and learn together.

While it is not always easy being a female-guide in Southeast Asia, Guided MissDirection helps to support local women who have broken into the tourist industry in their communities. We believe that sharing stories and culture with one another allows for mutual understanding and female empowerment to take place!