Meet Your Guide:

Danielle Johnson

 Hello!, My name is Danielle, and I am the founder and a tour guide of Guided MissDirection.

My love for travel began as a junior at Rollins College when I studied abroad in Western Samoa, an island and country known as the "heart of the Pacific." While in Samoa, I had a Samoan roommate, Bella, and her family became my family. I also lived with a home stay family, and while they did not speak very good english and I did not speak very good Samoan, we loved one another and spent many a night dancing in the kitchen to music blaring from an old flip phone. Samoa taught me to love different cultures, and it opened a passion inside of me for travel and cultural immersion. I realized just how impactful relationships with people from different cultures, religious backgrounds, and social norms could be on my life. In all of my travels following Samoa, my goal has been to make relationships wherever I go.I believe I bring this passion to Guided MissDirection, and I cannot wait to share my experiences and my friendships with you on our trips. 


While at Rollins College, I studied history, and I wrote a thesis on females who served in the Vietnam conflict. I analyzed gender expectations placed on Vietnamese, Hmong, and American women based on the demand for labor. This thesis project made me obsessed and in awe of Vietnamese and Hmong women. At the end of my senior year, I helped lead a group of students on a field study to Vietnam with two of my favorite professors. It was the trip of a lifetime, and it helped me form many relationships and friendships that I still have today.  

  Besides traveling, I love the water. I was on my college's wakeboard and waterski team, and I also love to surf. I feel most alive when I am sitting out in the water on a board! So far, I have been able to surf in Samoa, Fiji, Waikiki, Sri Lanka and Thailand...but I still have many more spots on my bucket list! 

 I also have a passion for music. I love to play the guitar, ukulele, and to sing. I have recently been working with producers in Sacramento to create EDM music, which has been very exciting! My ukulele has become my staple instrument, and I bring it with me on all of my travel adventures! 

  Sarah and I have known each other since we were little, and we have been best friends for years. We have had amazing experiences traveling the world together, and we are so grateful that we can share our adventures with other women. I cannot wait to meet you and share our experiences and friends with you while also creating new memories!

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